Best Bitcoin Miner?

What is the preferred performance of the Bitcoin ASIC?

How much would you like to spend for a Bitcoin miner?

Is the case design of the miner important?

Should we keep the miner noise level to a minimum at the expense of size and price?

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This site:

so far has scam written all over it, caveat emptor! Hold out for more info and verification before sending any BTC to anyone.

Site only accepts BTC, can't trace them, can't get them back. BTC paid is BTC gone.

Why are the Prospero X-1 minimum 10 to purchase them? Nobody has that kind of money. lol I might buy two, but definitely one for sure.

I ordered a 5 th/s machine and it arrived today, can anyone please point me toward the best pool?
hardware was purchased here.

can you please release some images/photoes of the product so we can see if this is a valid product being solid.

It would be helpful if you include software that could control the speed of fan so we have the ability to fine tune the temperature of each board for optimal performance.

everyone is out of stock, through out the globe, so, everyone is stating "in stock".. understandable...

it will be easier to buy from U, if u accept paypal or creditcard.

Low ambient noise and effective cooling should be paramount. Metal stackable cases with adequate ventilation would be ideal.

Regarding the x1, why do you say in stock on the quantity and then say not available until 2-24-2014

It is very important to ensure efficient heat transfer, even at an ambient temperature of 40° C. You guys can imagine and present several ventilation / heat exchanger types.