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This is a hardware wallet designed to protect your Bitcoins.

eWallet is a lot better than a paper wallet, better than banking security. It effectively provides best protection in the industry. It produces a paper wallet for backup that can be used to restore your coins should the device fail or get lost.

Manufacturer: Black Arrow


  • 100% Trezor compatible, can be updated from mytrezor.com with the latest firmware.
  • Truly wearable: it does not require a cable to connect to your laptop and smaller than Trezor.
  • Open source code
  • Can be safely used on a infected computer even with a keylogger installed
  • This wallet never exposes the private keys to the outside world to keep your coins always safe.
  • All transactions are signed by the wallet.
  • Embedded screen ensures that you sign the transaction that you really intend to.