Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I make cash with Bitcoin hardware?

Answer: Our hardware makes Bitcoins. Bitcoins work like any other currency and you can spend it only once. Due to Bitcoin's design there is a limited number of Bitcoins produced (equivalent of printed money) every day. Our hardware is producing this currency by executing complex calculations. Once you have Bitcoins you can sell them online on Bitcoin exchange websites. We recommend and

Question: Why you do not accept group buys?

Answer: We have an experienced and dedicated customer support team that is able to provide a high quality service. They are qualified in handling and fixing all matters that might arise. Direct contact with our customers will also improve our products and customer service.

We also believe that a random person from the internet that organizes a group buy is both not qualified to handle customer support, shipping matters including local customs and might also not be trustworthy to receive all your money, forward them to us and distribute the merchandise to you. If we would accept a group buy and anything goes wrong with it, although legally we won't be responsible for this, our customers will be unhappy.

For these reasons we strictly prohibit group buys.

Question: Do you accept resellers?

Answer: Yes. In order to save our customers shipping costs, we will accept a company that wishes to become our reseller and proves that they are experienced and trustworthy.

Question: If I choose to buy an X-1 machine hosted by your company when will I start earning BTC's? Today or February 2014?

Answer: February 2014

Question: I want to know how your product operates under Windows. Is there a specific software needed to use the miner? 

Answer: Our miners will connect to a Bitcoin pool. They do not need a computer to operate. You will be able to configure them with your internet browser by connecting to their web server.

Question: Can you please finish the miners sooner than the date announced?

Answer: We fully understand that it is important to get them on the market as soon as possible. We are doing our best to complete the ASICs sooner but we cannot guarantee an earlier date.

Question: Is the hosting option a testing period to see if the miners work as intended and after that period I am sent the machine? Or is it a option that means I own the machine, but it's hosted on site with the company?

Answer: Both:You own the machine and is hosted on our site for the specified period of time. During this time we have the opportunity to ensure that it performs as it should and you earn all the bitcoins mined. At the end of this period we'll ship it to you.

Question: Will your miners get a CE sign? If it doesn't I will not be able to get it past the customs.

Answer:  Yes, they will be CE certified.

Question: Do I need a power supply for the X-3? 

Answer:  No, you do not. X-3 comes with it's own power supply.

Question:  What mining software are your miners compatible with? 

Answer: Our miners have their own software built in. They are compatible with stratum protocol and will connect to any modern pool. You do not need to worry about configuring, installing or guarding any software.

Question: Is there priority shipping for orders of a certain amount?

Answer: All our orders are shipped with the best service possible: DHL or UPS. There's only one exception: In Russia we can only use EMS because no couriers deliver there.

We will add more answers to frequently asked questions as soon as we receive them from our customers.

Meanwhile, please contact us if you have any questions.