Date added: 23 Dec 2015 Compensation available

Date added: 06 Jul 2015 Litecoin ASIC

Black Arrow has completed the design of a energy efficient 28nm Scrypt ASIC and is currenctly ready for tape-out. ASICs can be received within 3 months and miners within 1 to 2 months after receipt of first ASICs.

We are currently looking for partners to invest in this project.

Please contact us if you are interested.

The efficiency of this chip is better than 3Watt / Megahash.

Date added: 03 Jun 2015 Black Arrow launches BA-PM60A-V1 - high current digital power module

BA-PM60A-V1 - 60 A Digital Power Module Provides Full-Features & PMBus™ Programmability in 1 Inch2 Design

3 June 2015: Black Arrow LTD ( today announced that has completed development and manufacture of a cost effective, high power DC/DC power module named BA-PM60A-V1. Currently selling at 1/4 of the price of the closest competitor while providing similar performance and dual power output while maintaining the pin-to-pin compatibility of its competitors.

The BA-PM series products support low-voltage, high-current operation while providing ±0.5% set-point accuracy over line, load, and temperature range and supplies dual voltage (in excess of 60 Amperes for the range 0.5 to 2 Volts and 0.5 Amperes at 5Volts) allowing customers to reduce the BOM, development costs and time considerably. While the PMBus functionality of the module provides real-time telemetry of voltage, current, and temperature and enables full programmability of the DC/DC converter, the BA-PM series products also employ function setting pins, enabling them to be used in non-PMBus applications. The target applications for the BA-PM series include: servers, routers and other Information & Communication Technology (ICT) equipment, T&M and industrial equipment.

altThis module uses intelligent auto-tuning technology, Auto-Control, the BA-PM modules bring better dynamic performance and system stability to the application - autonomously managing circuit and load variations due temperature, component tolerances, ageing and board impedances.”

Auto-Control is the industry’s leading intelligent auto-tuning technology. The patented adaptive compensation technology optimizes dynamic performance and system stability in real-time without requiring any noise injection or the drawbacks of periodic techniques. This is a key benefit for modules and other designs that drive unknown or variable output loads, and addresses the challenges of load parameter drift that occurs over temperature and time.

BA-PM series delivers industry-leading power density with this 60 A solution requiring only one square inch of board space. Optimized system and component design and deployment of the advanced digital control features provided by this module has resulted in higher efficiency & reliability, faster transient performance and precision voltage control over all conditions.”

The BA-PM60A-V1 Series POL module is available now (

Date added: 09 Mar 2015 Black Arrow Launches a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Black Arrow has completed manufacturing, testing and certification of eWallet.

We are happy to announce that it is now in stock and for limited period, on sale!

  • 100% Trezor compatible.
  • Does not require a cable to connect to your laptop
  • Smaller than Trezor
  • Open source code available for auditing in order to ensure that there are no backdoors
  • Can be used on a virused computer even with keylogger installed
  • This wallet never exposes the private keys to the outside world to keep your coins always safe. All transactions are signed by the wallet.
  • Embedded screen ensures that you sign the transaction that you really intend to

Order your eWallet here!

Date added: 08 Mar 2015 Pre-order customers are urged to confirm their addresses.

All pre-order equipment has been in stock since end of December / beginning of January. Since then we have been contacting every pre-order customer via email to confirm their addresses in order to ship their merchandise. As we cannot store the miners indefinitely, back then we have set a 3 months storage deadline after which we would dispose of customer's equipment. 

As we get closer to the 3 months deadline, we are urging all pre-order customers that have yet to receive their order to contact us via email so we can ship their merchandise.

Should you fail to receive an answer from our customer support team, please let Black Arrow's management know via forum.

Warning: Failure to contact us by end of March 2015, will result in destruction of your equipment!

Date added: 04 Dec 2014 Prospero X3 issues fixed

We have successfully tested the new version of the hashboards and we are happy to report that none of them have encountered any issues. Testing was done on a Rent-A-Minion batch of 200 units that has been running for the last 3 weeks. 

We have now completed the manufacturing of new hash boards and we are starting the replacement for all customers affected. We will send tomorrow an individual email. If you have not received an email, are one of our customers and believe that your unit is affected, please write an email to our customer support.

Please wait for our email and do not return your unit to China without an RMA. Doing so might result in substantial shipping and customs charges that you will need to cover.

Date added: 14 Nov 2014 Prospero X3 issues (UPDATE)

In the last few days there have been increasing reports of X3 units that have failed during hashing.

We have now located this issue: It has been introduced by a part that we have used in our latest shipped batch (shipped between 20 Oct to 13 Nov). All miners affected by this problem have a barcode sticker (click for picture). We are currently sending individual emails to all customers that we believe that are affected. If you have not received an email but are concerned that your miner is affected, please open it and check if your hashboard has such sticker. If your miner is affected, please stop using it immediately. If you do not stop using your miner there is a very high possibility that one or more hashboards will burn. We are now testing new hashboards in which we believe that we have solved the problem. We will send new hashboards to all customers as soon as tests are conclusive. Alternatively we can make arrangements to host your miner in our partner's datacenter in China that charges an all-inclusive fee.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

Technical details: On the latest batch of miners we started to use a different mosfet because of higher efficiency and better sourcing availability. However, to achieve this efficiency this mosfet lacks a diode that protects it from short circuiting the 12V with GND in case there's a wrong message received from the controller. A wrong message can only be caused by the noise in the circuit or by a faulty controller. We have encountered this issue back in May but we have been working with Vishay (the manufacturer) to fix it. Initially, when we found the issue, we wanted to return the chips but Vishay declined to take them back claiming that they are considered safe to be used in consumer electronics and Sony is using them in PS4. Upon applying the changes in our design based on their advice and after testing more than 20 miners we believed that the problem has been solved and started manufacturing miners with these chips. However, it turns out that the problem is still there and in some unknown cases it happens and the mosfet burns, causing a short circuit which heats up the board and sometimes melts the PCIE connector.

Date added: 28 Oct 2014 October update

Power supplies - fixed

In the light of the issues encountered with a limited number of the Power Supply units, we have been pushing really hard the power supply manufacturer, Apluspower, to address all the issues. Apart from reliability issues, the PSU did not comply with EM emissions, although our contract with Apluspower clearly mentioned that the PSU must be CE and FCC certified.

As a consequence, after the PSU issues were fixed, Black Arrow went through certification procedures. Prospero X-3 is now CE certified. Please click here to review the certification.

We are happy to report that according to our knowledge, testing and 3rd party certification, Apluspower have now fixed all the problems discovered and reported and we have resumed shipping. Please note that the power supply is certified together with our Prospero X3 as a whole unit and not independently.

The old design PSUs failure rate is lower than 5% and replacement is only required to comply with EU/US legislation due to EM emissions. We will dispatch new PSUs on our own cost to all customers from EU&US who wish to receive a replacement, but please note that customs duty are the responsibility of the receiver. Customers outside of EU&US will be eligible for a replacement only if their PSU is faulty. We will not be requesting our customers to send the old PSUs back.

X1 manufacturing – in testing

We have stopped manufacturing X1 and we will be shipping all remaining customers X1.5 which contains 2 chips and hashes at 160-180 Ghash in an attempt to clear the compensation sooner.

Certification for Prospero X1.5 is in progress.

X3 manufacturing - fixed

We had issues with the speed of built for the new units therefore we had to make a contract with a new business partner who demonstrated that they can manage delivery of large volume in a short period of time.

Our new partner has just finished the first batch of units which will be dispatched today and tomorrow. Their assembly speed is a clear improvement and at this rate we will be finishing all X3 deliveries in next few weeks.

14nm Bitcoin ASIC

We are still heavily involved in the 14nm ASIC project.

We are happy to report that after bringing on board more talent we have exceeded our initial 0.3W/Ghash target by 4.3 times by employing all techniques possible in ASIC and algorithm design. Our current design efficiency is now 70mW/Ghash (0.07W/Ghash) which allows us to build a 1 Terrahash chip in a single die while using 70 Watts at chip level. This will allow development of a 20Thash machine while using 1.5kw.

We intend to make this chip available for sale only from stock (No pre-orders)

Date added: 08 Sep 2014 X3 Power supply recall

There have been reports that some X3s are failing. We have located this problem to be caused by the power supply.

Please note that this power supply is not manufactured by Black Arrow and has been purchased from a company in Shenzhen which sold it to us as CE certified.
After thorough investigations the power supply company has reached the conclusion that there are 3 major issues in this PSU and any PSU can fail at any time and it not safe to use. They have currently fixed the issues and are currently testing them.
Please stop using all X3s immediately!
We are recalling the X3 power supplies. Please do not ship your X3 unit or X3 Power supply back to us right now. We will contact the X3 customers later this week with more instructions on how to arrange shipping. If you have an X3 and have not received an email from us this week please contact our customer support immediately.

Date added: 29 Aug 2014 14nm Bitcoin ASIC announcement

29/08/2014, Shenzhen, China

Black Arrow, a leading Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, announces that it has been working towards building its next generation Bitcoin ASIC since the tapeout of its last ASIC (March 2014) and it has now set a tape-out date: December 2014.

This new Bitcoin ASIC will use the 14nm FinFet process and the power consumption target is 0.3J/Ghash at chip level.

Black Arrow has enlarged the team that made Minion ASIC a success and now has obtained support from one of the leading foundry that is able to tape out 14nm FinFet.

Work has already started on the backend of the chip in order to port the Minion RTL into 14nm process. Black Arrow has added several improvements to its ASIC code: the chip manager features now has more commands and SHA256 engine is in the process of improving the power consumption by fully utilizing the new features of the cutting edge 14nm process.

The schedule tape-out date is set to December 2014 with wafers scheduled to be completed in April 2015. Chips will be ready to be shipped in May 2015.

Black Arrow Ltd has already a proven track record in successfully manufacture Bitcoin mining hardware at extremely competitive prices using shorter full lifecycle than their competition without compromising the top quality required the highly-competitive niche market.

Black Arrow’s expertise in software engineering, hardware design, manufacture and customer support lead to develop unique solutions addressed to technology savvy clients. Their customized solutions are encompassing the most advanced lithography. The end result is a strong contender for achieving a reliable mining and high revenue backed by reduced costs and with high expectations on the customer satisfaction front.

In order to make this project a success story, Black Arrow is now actively looking for fair joint venture partners including other Bitcoin ASIC companies who were unable to gain access to this process node or who wish to share the cost of the mask.