Date added: 05 Jan 2014 New reseller in the UK

05/01/2014, Shenzhen, China: Black Arrow announces their 2nd reseller and 1st reseller from the United Kingdom:

Logic Ethos Ltd has signed an agreement with Black Arrow to resell their products worldwide with the main target on the UK and Europe market.

Date added: 03 Jan 2014 Batch 1 closed

Batch 1 has been closed.

All orders paid from 1st of January will be dispatched around 1st of May 2014.

Date added: 03 Jan 2014 Minion driver is now available

We have completed the first version of the driver for the Minion and submitted it into cgminer.

This driver has been tested and certified on FPGA.

After several months of tests we have concluded that in order to achieve the best efficiency with our code, the Minion will have to run at 1.01Ghz. For this reason we have increased the number of cores from 64 to 99.

Date added: 26 Nov 2013 Preliminary Minion Datasheet

2013.11.28 - Black Arrow releases the preliminary datasheet of the Minion ASIC.

Download from here.

Date added: 21 Nov 2013 Soon one can say that Black Arrow took more than Proxpero X3 to space!

Black Arrow was the only British satellite carrier rocket. Prospero X3 was the satellite it has carried.

When we named our company, we never thought that the Black Arrow name will take more than one satellite into space. However, Virgin Galactic has just accepted its first ticket in Bitcoins and one can now get into space with our products! At one time, Black Arrow carried the Prospero X-3 into space. Now, the Black Arrow Prospero X-3 will carry you into space! We are indeed living exciting times!


Date added: 28 Oct 2013 Black Arrow offers immediate hashing solution based on Bitfury ASICs

Black Arrow has designed and manufactured a Bitcoin mining solution based on 55nm Bitfury ASICs

These products are in stock and available for immediate dispatch. Interested customers can place orders here:

We are offering individual boards that can be chain connected and have the flexibility to put as much or as little space the customer needs in order to offer the perfect thermal solution. In order to use these boards the customer needs to purchase a single Bitfury Controller and a Raspberry PI.

We are also offering a 144 Ghash mining solution that includes 4 x Boards with 16 Bitfury ASICs + Bitfury Controller + Raspberry PI + everything else the customer needs to start mining out of the box (except an ATX power supply that the customer can purchase from the local store)

Date added: 17 Oct 2013 Reseller in the USA

18/10/2013, Shenzhen, China: Black Arrow announces their first reseller within US. Miner Hosting LLC's has signed an agreement with Black Arrow to resell their products within Northern America and will be selling the Prospero line and Minion ASICs.

Black Arrow has recently announced that it will be releasing the "Minion" an 100Ghash 28nm Bitcoin ASIC and a line of Bitcoin miners named Prospero based on this ASIC. The first orders are expected to be shipped at the end of February 2014.

Black Arrow’s expertise in software engineering, hardware design, manufacture and customer support lead to develop solutions and answers for the needs of their clients. These solutions combined with today’s most advanced lithography, warrants the customers to get highest and most reliable mining revenue, reduced operating costs and an overall higher customer satisfaction.

The Minion is developed by Black Arrow and VeriSilicon, a leading Custom Silicon Solutions and Semiconductor IP provider. The Minion will be 2000 times more efficient in Bitcoin Mining than today’s fastest video card and it will be capable of scanning 100Ghash every second (roughly equivalent is 650Gflops).

Date added: 03 Oct 2013 Black Arrow announces all-inclusive Rent-Some-Minions Bitcoin mining service

Shenzhen 05 October 2013: Black Arrow announces the all-inclusive Rent-Some-Minions and hosting mining services. Availability is limited to 800 Thash/sec.


According to the terms and conditions of Rent-Some-Minions service, Black Arrow will manufacture, rent and host the Bitcoin Mining equipment for 4 or 6 months. The customer will receive all mining revenues generated by the rented equipment during this period.The hosting service is aggressively priced at $0.417/Ghash/month for the 6 months subscription and $0.5/Ghash/month for the 4 months subscription.

Product pages:

Hosting Services

Hosting for 4, 6 or 12 months is now available for Prospero X-3 miners and all new orders can choose these options.

Customers who have already placed orders for Prospero X-3 and wish to use these services are welcome to contact us.

  • 4 months - $1200
  • 6 months - $1800
  • 12 months - $3600

Previous orders

All customers who have already placed orders for miners can switch to these services should they want to. 

Date added: 30 Sep 2013 PayPal payments suspended temporarly

After consulting with one of our prospective resellers, who have had more interaction with PayPal than we have, we understood that PayPal’s business model does not fit very well with pre-orders. Because our delivery date is over Paypal’s 90 days delivery threshold, we risk having our PayPal account blocked with all customers’ money in it. If such a thing were to happen this might cause huge delays in deliveries and we want to avoid this at all costs. 

Our merchant account with PayPal is currently working but we have decided to suspend all future PayPal transactions for items that are not in stock (pre-orders). We have contacted and are currently talking with PayPal to ensure that they understand our pre-sales agreement and to obtain the guarantee that everything is ok, all security checks are done and our account will remain open.

We will reactivate PayPal payments as soon as we get PayPal’s approval in writing or as soon as we will be able to meet 90 days delivery condition, which means closer to the release date of the Product. 

We have also approached various credit card processing vendors. As soon as we find one willing to work with pre-orders, we will be able to process credit/debit cards. However, because this process might take longer than the time required to sell our first ASICs batch, we hope that the absence of the Credit/Debit card process will not stop our customers from placing orders with us.

Orders placed and paid so far with PayPal are safe and we intend to deliver them as promised. However, if any customer changes his mind and wishes to pay with a different payment method or cancel his order, he/she is welcome to do so. Please drop us an email and we will issue a refund as soon as we read your message.

Date added: 25 Sep 2013 Minion ASIC upgrade (from 64Ghash to 100Ghash)

Shenzhen, 26 September, 2013: Black Arrow is proud to announce that it has upgraded the specifications of its Minion chip to 100 Ghash (up to 128 Ghash when overclocked).

Prospero X-1 will scan 100Ghash while using less than 55 Watts and Prospero X-3 will be able to scan an outstanding 2000Ghash while using less than 1050 Watt.

More details here:

Customers who have placed and paid the orders until now are offered a free upgrade while customers who have placed orders but not yet paid still have 5 days from today to benefit of the free upgrade.

Our Lancelot customers will continue to benefit of the initial prices until 5th of October. We have emailed all Lancelot customers with information on how to use the trade-in program.

We are currently offering 35% discount to customers who pay their order in full and 20% discount to customers who wish to pay 50% in advance and 50% before shipment. After October 2013 we will reduce the discounts gradually until they reach their full retail price which is $415 for Prospero X1 (100Ghash) and $6999 for Prospero X3 (2000Ghash).

Please note that February deliveries are limited because we will produce a limited number of wafers. The remaining orders will need to wait 1 month more until the 2nd batch.

The current discounts and offers are limited. The promotion will stop once we've covered the engineering costs. We do not aim to make any profit on our first batch of ASICs and our sole target is to cover the manufacturing costs. We have funded more than 70% of the NRE from our own funds. We can get the remaining 30% from various investors but we wish to give our customers the opportunity to benefit of low prices while helping us complete this project.