75000 pcs Minion2 ASICs (Scrypt)



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Minimum quantity for "75000 pcs Minion2 ASICs (Scrypt)" is 1.

Manufactured on order, delivered after the specified lead time (see below note)


  • NEW
  • NON-REFUNDABLE (see below note)
  • NON-CANCELABLE (see below note)
  • not tested
  • not binned (some will be slower, some will be faster)

Speed: average 1.15 MHash/second @ TT corner (Typical Typical)


  • Node process: 28nm SLP
  • Package: QFN
  • Voltage: 1V
  • Efficiency (including leakage): 3 W/Mhash/second

The integrated ASIC supports internal commands for over-clocking and under-clocking.

It has been designed to be:

  • Over-clocked with around 20%. Increasing the voltage might be required. If voltage is increased, the efficiency will drop.
  • Under-clocked to obtain better efficiency you can drop the voltage. If the voltage is dropped the clock frequency will have to be dropped resulting in slower hashing speeds.


If customer requires testing and binning, a one time $100k NRE will apply. Contact us for details


A total of 15 orders are required to start manufacturing. The specified lead time will start after we have gathered all orders.

Refunds allowed:

  • 7 days after order is paid: 100% - 3rd party fees - US$100
  • After 7 days, but before the tape out: 95%
  • After tape out: cannot cancel, no refund will be issued.


A lot of effort has been put to assure a high yield but we cannot guarantee any yield at this time. Customer who wish to get a yield guarantee should contact us to organize an MPW which will delay the delivery with 6 months.

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