25000 pcs Minion ASICs



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Minimum quantity for "25000 pcs Minion ASICs" is 1.

Manufactured on order, delivered after the specified lead time.


  • NEW
  • not tested (observe the yield guarantee)
  • not binned (some will be slower, some will be faster)

Speed: average 120 GHash/second @ TT corner (Typical Typical)


  • Node process: 28nm High Performance Process
  • Package: High Performance Flip Chip BGA
  • Clock: 1.2 Ghz
  • Voltage: 0.81V
  • Cores: 99 fully unrolled cores
  • Efficiency (including leakage): 0.75 W/Ghash/second

The integrated ASIC supports internal commands for over-clocking and under-clocking.

It has been designed to be:

  • Over-clocked with around 20%. Increasing the voltage might be required. If voltage is increased, the efficiency will drop.
  • Under-clocked to obtain better efficiency you can drop the voltage. If the voltage is dropped the clock frequency will have to be dropped resulting in slower hashing speeds.

Yield guarantee:

Non working chips and chips that cannot achieve 60Ghash are considered bad yield. If in one order the yield is lower than 90% we will replace chips from until we reach 90% yield.


If customer requires testing and binning, a one time $100k NRE will apply. Contact us for details

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Datasheet: the Minion datasheet

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