Prospero X-3 (2000Ghash/second)

2000 Ghash/second

State-of-Art Bitcoin Mining Machine for Data Centers


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Stand-alone Bitcoin Mining Machine compatible with 19" racks used in data centers.

This machine is designed to generate a steady and considerable revenue of Bitcoins for the owner.

Prospero X3 Certification

X3 development progress gallery

Includes 20 Minion ASIC capable of calculating minimum of 2000 Ghash/second

Note: In theory the ASICs could be overclocked up to 128 Ghash/second but we cannot guarantee this until thorough testing. This would raise the speed up to 2560 Ghash/second but will increase the power dramatically which will not be supported by the supplied PSU.

  • 2000 Ghash/second
  • Easy to use
  • Out of the box functionality
  • Low power per Gigahash
  • Compact design
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Web interface for configuration and graphic reports of mining activity
  • Supports Stratum protocol
  • Built-in LCD to display statistics and diagnostics

All pre-orders are guaranteed to be protected against any price decrease. If at any time, during the pre-order period, we drop the price under what you have already paid, you will be compensated by receiving more X-3 mining machines.

Example: If you have purchased an X-3 with 25% discount and we offer later 40% discount, your order will be recalculated at 40% discount and you will receive more X-3. Then, if we offer later only 10% discount you will still get order as if you've ordered at 40% discount.

Speed: 2000 GHash/second @ TT corner (Typical - Typical)

Preliminary specifications:

  • Node process: 28nm High Performance Process
  • Package: High Performance Flip Chip BGA
  • Clock: 1.01 Ghz (Slow/Slow corner)
  • Voltage: 0.85V
  • Cores: 99 fully unrolled cores
  • Efficiency (including leakage): 0.75 W/Ghash/second

The integrated ASIC supports internal commands for over-clocking and under-clocking.

It has been designed to be:

  • Over-clocked with around 20%. Increasing the voltage might be required. If voltage is increased, the efficiency will drop.
  • Under-clocked to obtain better efficiency you can drop the voltage. If the voltage is dropped the clock frequency will have to be dropped resulting in slower hashing speeds.

Note: the preliminary specifications are currently reported by our design tools. They have not yet been proven in a laboratory and might be subject to change, although we do not expect it to vary much.

Group buys: Group buys are not permitted. We will cancel any order that we discover that is a group buy and will refund the payment minus 10% that we will charge for our time wasted in this matter. By placing an order for this item you agree with the above.

This is a PRE-ORDER (Batch 2), available for dispatch around 15/05/2014

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Datasheet: the Minion datasheet

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