Delivery Method

We usually deliver with a UPS or DHL.


Delivery Time

The average delivery time from when we have dispatched your order is 2.5 days. However based on your destination and courier schedule it might take between 2-5 working days.



Every country has it's own customs. The purpose of this agency is to charge incoming packages in order to favor the internal production of their country. Any international package is subject to be checked by customs officials and it is up to them to establish if there is a duty to be paid. Usually if they decide that there is a duty to be paid, the receiver will need to pay it before receiving the package.

As explained in our terms and conditions it is customer's responsibility to clear the custom.

We cannot know before shiping what your customs agent will decide to charge for your package. If the customer is unwilling to pay the custom duties and they remain unpaid, the package can be destroyed. In this case we will not be able to send a replacement package free of charge and we will have to consider the sales complete.

If the customer wishes to return the package to us, he will have to pay the DHL shipping fee which is usually a lot higher than the sending cost. Please note that we do not make a profit on this and we charge only what the shipping company asks us (DHL/UPS). We cannot discount this fee under any circumtances.