Prospero X36 (2.2Thash)



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Minimum quantity for "Prospero X36 (2.2Thash)" is 1.


  • based on the 28nm Minion ASIC
  • 0.62W/Ghash @ 1.8Thash
  • 0.7W/Ghash @ 2.2Thash
  • 3x smaller than X3
  • 3x lighter than X3
  • 10-20% faster than X3
  • boots in less than 1 second
  • more stable
  • external PSU


  • Louder than X3
  • No LCD
  • No GUI
  • Designed with cost in mind therefore it is not very beautiful

X1/X3 customers compensation program

With the availability of this new miner we can start providing the promised compensation to most of our X3/X1 customers.

One X36 (2.2Thash) can be purchased for each 1 Thash we have promised in compensation if the customer is paying the manufacturing cost of the miner.

They also require 2 x PSUs which cost 200RMB each (2 x US$31). As specified above this cost does not include ASICs cost which is paid by us for almost all customers to which we have promised compensation. Prospero X36 reaches 2.2 to 2.4 Thash at 0.6-0.7W/Ghash at the wall.

We will not be shipping this miner out of China. DO NOT order or pay for shipping even if the website allows you to do this. For foreign customers, in order to use this miner we will be hosting it in our data centre. The customer will have no configuration rights and we will mine towards the pool that we choose. At the moment it costs 19.21 RMB/day of hosting for 2.2 Thash. We will send to the customer periodically (around once or twice per month) the revenue in Bitcoins that remains after we pay the hosting fee. This fee includes maintenance of any failed miners so the customers does not need to worry about repairs. After the first 3 months (which are the warranty period we offer for these miners), we will charge a maintenance fee which is calculated by dividing the repair cost of failed miners between miner owners and their share.

Customers who wish to proceed with this compensation are invited to place the order on our website. In order to benefit of the free ASICs offer, please use the same email address that you have used to place your order for X3/X1 and write in the notes their order number for X3/X1 and the compensation expected.

This is not a preorder, the miners are in stock and will beging hashing within 2 working days.

Please note that at the moment these miners cannot be shipped out of China for these reasons:

  • High domestic power fees makes it unprofitable to host the miner at home.
  • The 5000 RPM fan generates loud noise which makes it unbearable to host it at home.
  • We cannot provide warranty due to high shipping costs and customs fees.
  • They require a CE/FC certification.

However, if you still want to have the miner at home or your own datacentre, please let us know. If there are enough customers to make CE/FC certification worthwhile, we will get it and ship the miners.

Legal notes:

  • The compensation is being provided by Black Arrow voluntarily as a dedication to our loyal customers. We are not obliged by our current or previous contract to provide it and we can withdraw this offer at any time, as we see fit, without a reason or any explanation.
  • All orders are final, no refunds will be issued after we have sent the first mined coins to the customer.
  • The hosting is provided by a 3rd party and they (not us) will be responsible of safekeeping of your miner.
  • Power outages can happen from time to time and no compensation can be provided for it.
  • This offer is not available to few customers that will be announced in private should they place the order with us.
  • Our standard terms and conditions apply.
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