How to pay with Bitcoins

Step 1: Create a Bitcoin account (also called a wallet)

To create a wallet is easy, free of charge, does not require any of your personal data, not even your e-mail address. You can also create as many wallets as you wish.

This wallet has the same functionality as a bank account: you can store your money, spend or receive them.

To create a wallet, download one of the software from this page:

Once you've created a wallet you will receive an ID.
Example: 18pCbUSjzrvxCXgSBipsgTZWa6Sw41aQSo . Your ID will look similar but it will not be identical.

Step 2: Buy some Bitcoins

In order to pay with Bitcoins, you need to purchase the amount of Bitcoins you need to pay for our products. Usually you will need to purchase Bitcoins from a Bitcoin exchange website.

Please read this page for a comprehensive list of exchange websites and comparison:

Each exchange website has its own conditions to accept money. Please do not purchase Bitcoins through bank transfer or western union as we are currently accepting these methods of payment and it would be cheaper to just pay us directly.

However, if you are looking to pay through other payment method (example: credit/debit cards, cash deposit in your country etc) using a Bitcoin payment will be more suitable for your needs.

Step3: Pay your order

Assuming that you've already placed your order on our website, you can check the amount of Bitcoins that you need to pay by selecting BTC as currency (instead of USD), as shown in the picture below.

how to change the currency

We apologize if the BTC/USD rate used by our website is out of date. If you think that the rate is not correct, please contact us.

Once you've placed the order we wil send you an email with our Bitcoin address. We will then wait for you to pay at the specified address and dispatch your order as soon as we've received your payment.


Bitcoin payments are immediate. If you wish, you can have your order paid within minutes and dispatched the same day.