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Pre-order customers are urged to confirm their addresses.
Posted by Alex B on 08 March 2015 06:19 AM

All pre-order equipment has been in stock since end of December / beginning of January. Since then we have been contacting every pre-order customer via email to confirm their addresses in order to ship their merchandise. As we cannot store the miners indefinitely, back then we have set a 3 months storage deadline after which we would dispose of customer's equipment. 

As we get closer to the 3 months deadline, we are urging all pre-order customers that have yet to receive their order to contact us via email so we can ship their merchandise.

Should you fail to receive an answer from our customer support team, please let Black Arrow's management know via forum.

Warning: Failure to contact us by end of March 2015, will result in destruction of your equipment!


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Prospero X3 issues fixed
Posted by Alex B on 07 December 2014 03:03 PM

We have successfully tested the new version of the hashboards and we are happy to report that none of them have encountered any issues. Testing was done on a Rent-A-Minion batch of 200 units that has been running for more than 3 weeks. 

We have now completed the manufacturing of new hash boards and we are starting the replacement for all customers affected. We have already sent an individual email with more details. If you have not received an email, you are one of our customers and believe that your unit is affected, please write an email to our customer support.

Please wait for our reply and do not return your unit to China without an RMA. Doing so might result in substantial shipping and customs charges that you will need to cover.

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Prospero X3 issues (UPDATE)
Posted by Alex B on 18 November 2014 03:41 PM

In the last few days there have been increasing reports of X3 units that have failed during hashing.

We have now located this issue: It has been introduced by a part that we have used in our latest shipped batch (shipped between 20 Oct to 13 Nov). All miners affected by this problem have a barcode sticker (click for picture). We are currently sending individual emails to all customers that we believe that are affected. If you have not received an email but are concerned that your miner is affected, please open it and check if your hashboard has such sticker. If your miner is affected, please stop using it immediately. If you do not stop using your miner there is a very high possibility that one or more hashboards will burn. We are now testing new hashboards in which we believe that we have solved the problem. We will send new hashboards to all customers as soon as tests are conclusive. Alternatively we can make arrangements to host your miner in our partner's datacenter in China that charges an all-inclusive fee.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

Technical details: On the latest batch of miners we started to use a different mosfet because of higher efficiency and better sourcing availability. However, to achieve this efficiency this mosfet lacks a diode that protects it from short circuiting the 12V with GND in case there's a wrong message received from the controller. A wrong message can only be caused by the noise in the circuit or by a faulty controller. We have encountered this issue back in May but we have been working with Vishay (the manufacturer) to fix it. Initially, when we found the issue, we wanted to return the chips but Vishay declined to take them back claiming that they are considered safe to be used in consumer electronics and Sony is using them in PS4. Upon applying the changes in our design based on their advice and after testing more than 20 miners we believed that the problem has been solved and started manufacturing miners with these chips. However, it turns out that the problem is still there and in some unknown cases it happens and the mosfet burns, causing a short circuit which heats up the board and sometimes melts the PCIE connector.

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Prospero X3 Issues
Posted by Alex B on 13 November 2014 05:14 AM

There have been several reports and X3 units returned to warranty that have failed during hashing. While the issue has happened to less than 0.5% of manufactured machines, we would like to assure that this is under our standards of quality and we deeply apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

We take this matter very seriously and have started looking into it with the first report we have received. We have also already contracted several expert companies to help us analyse and locate the problem. Until now we have not received their final answer but their preliminary analysis is that the problem is caused by faulty soldering of the mosfets which allowed them to overheat and enter in a state of short-circuit which caused the PCB to overheat and the PCI socket to meltdown. We believe that the smoke caused by the mosfet and plastic burning is toxic and must not be inhaled. For this reason we ask customers who have just received their X3 to keep it in a well ventilated area for at least 1 week as we did not had the chance to test the latest shipped miners for more than 1 hour.

Please rest assured that this issue is covered by warranty and in order to provide peace of mind to customers that are concerned that this might happen to their machine we are offering hosting into our partner's datacenter in China. This includes any X3 unit that has been shipped or still due to be shipped. Please contact us via our customer support, should you like us to host your X3.

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